Chef Knife Rolls Weft and Warp


How many knives can I fit into a standard knife roll?

6-12 knives, depending on size of roll purchased. If you want something specific like 8 pockets with 1 skinny one for a steel, that is possible for a small up-charge.

How long can I expect my knife roll to last?

Well, nothing lasts forever. These bags are built to endure the same conditions you put yourself through on a daily basis in the kitchen, but if not cared for properly they will burn out, just like you. So how long they last is up to you.

Is there a warranty?

30 days money back on unused products if you're unsatisfied.

Things fall apart and nothing is promised: 3-year warranty for things like stitching, hardware, snaps, rivets, etc. We put them on there, they shouldn’t come off. If they do, we’ll cover shipping and fix it as quickly as possible.

Note: This doesn't cover rips or tears from your tools.  Please use knife guards - better for you, better for your bags.

What does "Made in Maine" really mean?

Maine is the best state (Yes, I'm a Mainah!) and we love local. It stands for quality of materials, craft made by hand, and integrity of products. Our motto is 'the way life should be' and these knife rolls are made just as they should be.

Can I have different color leathers?

All black rolls will be built with black leather unless requested otherwise. Weft and Warp tends to stick to a medium weight matte dark brown leather for everything else, but if you’e looking for a a different color, please reach out and we’ll see whats available from our sources.

Where is my roll?!

Weft and Warp has a production time of two weeks. These rolls aren;t manufactured, but made by hand by owner Rachel LeGloahec…