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Step 1

Choose either a 7 or 10 pocket for the base of your bag. Select your color: Tan, Hunter, or Navy. Every bag is made from scratch with the same care and attention to detail. These bags are great alone, but take a look at all the awesome add-on's that are available.


Step 2

So you have your bag, now what? Well there are at least 12 different add-on's to choose from. You can customize your roll to fit your needs. If you don't see something that you need, let me know.


Step 3

Double check your order to ensure that it's everything you ever wanted and more. Please allow me a minimum of two weeks to complete your order. These bags are made fresh in a workshop, not a factory, and require more time. I provide shipping tracking with your order. Then, before you know it will be in your hands!



Waxed canvas is cotton fabric that has paraffin or natural beeswax woven in to make it waterproof. Originally used from the mid-19th century to the 1950's in England and Scotland for the sailing industry. Any extra material leftover from making sails went into smocks for the men aboard to protect them from the winds and water. This material is waterproof and will hold up to oil and grease overtime. Its durability and breathability is what makes it a great material for kitchens. As it ages it will soften and show off a beautiful patina.


Leather is made from animal hide - I commonly use cow. There are many types and methods of leather. I tend to use several weights so I can adjust my needs for the bags. It also depends on what my leather guy has (yes, I got a guy). The hides are tanned to help preserve the skin then curried to showcase a finished, shiny product. Overtime the leather will age. I like to say leather wears in well rather than wears out, meaning that you have a product that ages beautifully.