Chef Knife Rolls Weft and Warp

Weft and Warp was created to set you up for success, by giving you a product that enforces the mis en place life style. Take pride in the daily grind and protect your most valuable tools. Invest in yourself, invest in your tools. Weft and Warp is ready for service and ready to be at your service.

Rachel LeGloahec, Owner

Well, long-story-short I was raised in a small town in Maine, attended the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), moved to Las Vegas and worked for Joel Robuchon, moved to the Florida Keys, then to Phoenix, to Vail, then back to Las Vegas to open a restaurant, won Chopped and now ten years later I'm right back where I belong.

Looking for a different outlet in the culinary field I reached out to the previous owner of Weft and Warp if there was an apprenticeship available. And, by luck would have it, I found it at a time when it was looking to grow in a different direction.

These knife rolls have been, are, and will continue to be what they're intended for: to carry your most important belongings as culinary professionals. Made by a cook for cooks, the bags will reflect the same character of who is carrying it, passion, precision, and finesse.

Being in the hospitality industry we aim to please, so don't hesitate if you have questions or need something extra special for your bag.

Thanks and enjoy!


Our Mission

Originally founded in 2011, W&W has gained attention for its timeless look and high quality reputation. These knife rolls speak for themselves in endurance, quality, and efficiency, just as the cooks who use them. Over the years W&W has grown from a small production to becoming a top competitor in the business. I do believe that we offer something that can't be compared to others, but I'll let the product speak for itself.

Think of these bags just as you would cooking: local is best, simple is hard, and fresh is always a must. There is a voice at the other end of this, not an automated voice message, and it belongs to a like-minded cook. These bags are clean, durable, and sexy, not flashy and in your face because all that glitters is not gold. Each bag is made from scratch just for you, as fresh as can be.