Weft & Warp Seamster is a small, independently owned textile company, specializing in handmade goods to be used on a daily basis.  From chef's knife rolls to aprons, to leather bags and wallets.  

Our Story

After formally retiring from the kitchen in 2010, my career path led me back to the generational trade my father and grandfather were both skilled at.  Working with fabric and leather is extremely rewarding, and a tactile sensation I love.  My knife rolls and chef's aprons are built to endure and will never go out of style.  They're made for cooks by a cook and have a timeless look that doesn't need to align with what is in fashion this month or next.

Ordering....Why the wait?

Everything is handmade.  Once you place an order, I do my best to build it as soon as I can, however these days I have a queue that is between 6-8 weeks long, from date of payment.  (UPDATE: All non custom rolls will be finished within two weeks, I'm finally caught up!!!)There are obstacles and hurdles when it comes to handmade, sometimes it can be difficult to stay on schedule. I appreciate your patience!  

Warranty and other stuff

Remember, nothing lasts forever, so we don’t offer a ridiculously long “lifetime” guarantee. That’s just silly.  Beware of things like that.  Our lives? Your life? Who’s life? Honestly, when we’re 90 years old, we don’t want to be fixing knife bags. Remember, nothing gold can stay, Ponyboy.


What is offered?

-30 day money back guarantee if your’e not satisfied. (custom jobs/embroidery/etching are not returnable). It needs to be unused, and in the same shape it was when it was received.

- 5 year warranty for things like stitching, hardware, snaps, rivets, etc. We put them on there, they shouldn’t come off. If they do, we’ll cover shipping and fix it as quickly as possible.

-It does not cover rips/tears from blades or other tools. Waxed canvas is super durable, but your knives should be razor sharp- and they may puncture. (Kevlar won’t help, sorry). Use blade protectors. Its just logical. Better for your knives, better for the bags.


-It doesn’t cover any sort of disaster, natural or not. It gets thrown under a bus, in a fryolator, or anything outside the realm of normal wear and tear- we’ll fix it at a cost. I had a roll come back that was thrown in to a 700 degree wood oven by some unruly prep cook who had a grudge- the bag wasn’t all that bad (which we were pretty stoked about), but needed work. Unfortunately, it was not covered.