Weft & Warp Seamster/Intervale Leatherworks is a small, independently owned textile company, specializing in handmade goods to be used on a daily basis.  From chef's knife rolls to aprons, to leather bags and wallets.  

Our Story

After formally retiring from the kitchen in 2010, my career path led me back to the generational trade my father and grandfather were both skilled at.  Working with fabric and leather is extremely rewarding, and a tactile sensation I love.  My knife rolls and chef's aprons are built to endure and will never go out of style.  They're made for cooks by a cook and have a timeless look that doesn't need to align with what is in fashion this month or next.

Ordering....Why the wait?

Everything is handmade.  Once you place an order, I do my best to build it as soon as I can, however these days I have a queue that is between 6-8 weekslong, from date of payment.  There are obstacles and hurdles when it comes to handmade, sometimes it can be difficult to stay on schedule. I appreciate your patience!  

Will it be exactly what you quote for time?

Yes and no.  I have very little help, and nobody to hand off my work to when I encounter an obstacle.  My family life always comes first, so things get moved around when family duties call.  The timing is an estimate.  Daughter has a doctor's appointment, that's 4 hours out of my day.  That's one knife roll.  Everything is made to order, and aside from family responsibilities, running such a small business has its challenges.